Whether you're headed to work, the grocery store, or a weekend getaway.
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best tote bags
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We all have that friend who always has lip balm, a snack, and a portable charger when you need it. They're never the ones who get praise for traveling lightly, but they're the ones who are always prepared with a book to read when the train gets delayed, a tampon for when mother nature arrives unannounced, and hand lotion for when the weather changes. Everyone loves that friend. Whether you already are that friend or you're aspiring to become that person, one item is absolutely key: a trusty tote bag (or several).

Tote bags are the perfect mix of function and fashion. Unlike other bag trends that prioritize style over practicality (looking at you, tiny purses), tote bags can carry all your things and give your outfit a nice finishing touch at the same time. In other words, you can be both the lovable mom friend and the fashion icon. Tote bags also come in many different styles, meaning they can rise to every possible occasion and fit whatever look you're sporting. Whether you're headed to work, the grocery store, or a weekend getaway, there's a tote for that—and we've rounded up some of our favorite options below.

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1. Best large tote bag:

The Reusable Weekender Tote
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If you're going to be carrying around a large load, you might as well make a fashion statement. In addition to the cute sunflower print, this big tote bag from Madewell features a zippered closure, is over 24 inches wide, and folds up small. So, you can take it out for laundry day, load it with a blanket and food for a picnic, or just pack it inside your purse in case you need it for something later.

2. Best canvas tote bag:

Reusable Cotton Tote Bag
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Public Goods

Canvas tote bags are one of the most versatile bag options out there. They're neutral enough to work with any outfit and durable enough to take to the store, to the park, or anywhere you need to go. Plus, this one is made from 100% organic cotton, is spacious enough to carry a laptop, and includes a water bottle holder and inner pocket.

3. Best travel tote bag:

The (Re)sourced Weekender Bag
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A mix between a tote and a duffel, this is the perfect bag for traveling. This weekender bag is made from sturdy recycled material, includes a zip closure, an exterior pocket, several interior pockets, and a padded laptop sleeve—and it still manages to be stylish and sleek. It also has a handy trolley sleeve that'll slide over the handle of your suitcase so you can be put together at the airport.

4. Best tote bag with a zipper:

Universal Thread Zip Closure Tote Handbag
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Tote bags are great for just throwing in all your stuff on the go, but that's not so great if you're constantly worried about your stuff falling right back out. This zip closure tote bag resolves that concern while also featuring multiple pockets for organization and a soft leather look that's nice enough for the office and minimal enough to take anywhere else you're headed.

5. Best beach bag tote:

Boat and Tote, Zip-Top
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L.L. Bean

This classic tote bag has been around for years—and for good reason. Though it was originally designed for carrying ice in 1944, it's evolved to be used for just about anything else. With heavyweight canvas fabric, it'll hold up for trips to the beach and the zip top will keep your items clean. Plus, for $8 you can personalize the bag with your monogram or initials.

6. Best laptop tote bag:

MONSTINA Laptop Tote Bag
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Laptops are precious cargo, so you need a reliable tote bag to keep yours safe. This tote bag from Amazon is waterproof to protect your electronics from accidents and it comes with all sorts of handy features. Those features include 15 interior pockets, a designated laptop sleeve, a water bottle holder, a removable shoulder pad, and a USB port for charging. Even with all that going on, the bag is still streamlined and attractive enough to carry to work.

7. Best grocery tote bag:

Standard Baggu
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Packable grocery tote bags have so many purposes. As the name implies, you can use them as reusable grocery bags to reduce the number of plastic bags polluting landfills, take them to the farmer's market to transport fresh produce or flowers, or just store them in your purse for any spontaneous shopping. With nearly 50 cute designs to choose from, you might even find yourself swapping out your purse all together for one of these Baggu totes.

8. Best straw tote bag:

Universal Thread Straw Tote Handbag
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For a summery take on the standard tote, opt for a straw version. This roomy straw tote bag from Target is perfect for trips to the beach or sunny picnics in the park and the interior liner will keep things from poking in and out of the woven material.

9. Best crossbody tote bag:

WantGor Corduroy Tote Bag
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Get the messenger bag look in a tote with this crossbody option from Amazon. The crossbody strap is a great feature for when you're hopping on a bike or commuting through busy foot traffic and want to keep your bag secure. The tote is also available in pink, yellow, black, and gray corduroy.

Best leather tote bag:

Classic Leather Zipper Tote
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A leather tote bag is a worthwhile investment because if you find the right one, it'll last you for years and never go out of style. This Cuyana Leather Zipper Tote, which comes in 12 neutral colors, is a sleek and reliable option. Cuyana tote bags are beloved by celebrities (namely, Meghan Markle and Jessica Alba) and fashion editors alike for their high quality design and durability, so you can trust that you'll be making the right purchase.

11. Best small tote bag:

Mini Cloud Bag
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So maybe you love the tote bag look but don't have an extra large load to carry. This Mini Cloud Bag from Baggu, which is a purse-sized version of the brand's standard Cloud Bag, is a great way to go. It's feather-light and it comes in nine different trendy colors.

Whether you're looking for style or sensibility, all the above tote bags have you covered.