Rachel Paige
August 01, 2016 2:01 pm

You have 15 days to gather up all the spare change you can and count it all, because in 15 days Disney is releasing a new line of Beauty and the Beasts bags. You don’t just want these bags. You NEED these bags.

Disney has long partnered with Doony and Bourke to release some of the best, and cutest, accessories for your every day life. With Beauty and the Beast celebrating its 25th birthday this year (omg, how old do you feel?) and the highly anticipated release of next year’s live-action Beauty and the Beast (where we’ll watch Emma Watson literally become a Disney Princess) it’s about time they started rolling out some ah-mazing tie-in things.

Like, these bags.

Disney Parks/YouTube

There are three bags in this collection, all pictured here, a tote, a letter carrier, and a wristlet. With that beautiful stained glass detail — just like the the one at the beginning of the movie, that depicts the Beast’s curse!! — it’s the perfect thing to use on your next trip to Disney, or for special occasions, or you know, every single day of your life. They’re THAT pretty and wondering if we can get this pattern in wallpaper form to hang all around our living room?

The bags will go on sale on August 15th via the brand new Shop Disney Parks app (an app that let’s you buy all your favorite Disney products right from your phone, why did no one thing of this sooner??).