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In the world of Fashion Month, New York caters to what will sell the next season, London is about creativity, Milan is about the Italian luxury houses, and Paris is about lofty, ethereal dreaminess.

That being said, it’s hard to imagine being able to afford anything that came down the catwalk in the French capital, let alone something that was a downright bargain.

But the fashion world is nothing if not surprising, so it kind of makes sense that the hottest accessory at many of the Paris shows is, in fact, a lowly bandana that costs less than your morning latte.

As Refinery29 notes, designers like Chitose Abe at Sacai used bandanas to great effect in their collections. Wanna pair a bandana with a whispy dress? Go for it! Going for the Parisian-chic Victorian street style star? God bless, don’t forget to make sure it drapes properly.

The idea is that the bandana – made famous by cowboys down on the range way back when – is a lot more versatile than anyone thought.

And you’re not limited to the ever-present paisley. At Sacai, models wore their bandanas in every print imaginable, sometimes in the same fabric as their dresses.

The point being – this is a totally cute, totally inexpensive way to update your look this year.

Of course, let’s give credit where credit is due: the ’90s. The Olsen twins, Tupac, Axl (and just about everyone else in the decade before the millennium) were rocking the whole bandana experience.

Hey, it looked good back then and it still looks good now.


(Images via Twitter/Dualstar)