When an LA brand teams up with an NYC label, it’s good vibes with an edge — and that’s what this cute jewelry collab from and Bing Bang is all about.

The five-piece collection is all about positive energy and pink skies. Each piece is gold, and bears encouraging phrases so you can infuse your accessories with good reminders that things are going to be alright.

There is a pair of earrings, and a pair of rings bearing the words “good” and “luck” that will become your literal good luck charms.


Even if you lose one (that’s not-so-good luck, but life happens), you’ll still have a positive message left! The “good vibes” ear jackets are so adorable with their tiny lightning bolts!


A cuff bangle declares that “the future looks bright,” and a necklace shouts out the aforementioned “pink skies.”

pink-skies the company is all about female empowerment, and the collaboration with cool girls Bing Bang NYC is a match made in (the pink skies of) heaven. We’ve got to get our hands on #bandoxbingbang!


Check out the pretty baubles we have to have!

All the pale pink from these pics goes so well with the sunny gold jewelry!

Five pieces in the collection means it’s all killer, no filler!

The ear jackets are soooooo goooooood.

Stack the good luck rings on one finger, or spread ’em out over two hands so you can fist pump your positive vibes up into the pink skies.

Pieces from the#bandoxbingbang collection retail for $50 to $130 at