Kit Steinkellner
Updated April 18, 2015 7:58 am

Meet Baddie Winkle, an 86-year-old Instagram star who just so happens to be our favorite new swimsuit model.

For so many of us, Instagram is just fun, but for Winkle, it’s been a real lifesaver. As she explained to PaperMag:

“I’m from Eastern Kentucky, born in Hazard. My father was a coal miner. Then we moved to a small town that was soon after hit by a tornado. I’ve had a hard life all my life. My husband died thirty years ago and my son died fifteen years ago, so it’s been very traumatic for me. Then we came up with this [Instagram] and it’s been such a great motivator.”

As the LAist reports, it was Winkle’s great-granddaughter who came up with the idea of starting an Instagram account for Winkle, putting her in the coolest of outfits, accompanied by the awesomest of captions. Check out the amaze:

Baddie doesn’t just consider herself a fashion model, she also thinks of herself as a role model for older people to make it happen on social media.

“Even in my old age, I’ve never really done anything noteworthy until now,” Winkle said in the same interview. “I would love to get other old people active instead of just sitting around all day doing nothing, acting like life is over.”

And now the coolest grandma of them all is a profesh swimsuit model! The swimwear line Dimepiece hired Winkle to promote their summer line and Winkle’s swimsuit modeling is #flawless. After all, as Baddie says on her social “You’re never too old to be the baddest bish in the room.”

Check out the gorgeousity below and follow Baddie on Insta over here.

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