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Ever since we were little, we imagined what it would be like to dress up in gowns like the ones we saw in our favorite Disney movies. Well, one incredible dad is giving his daughter, wife and other fabulous women that dream by designing the most incredible dresses and costumes inspired by our favorite Disney princesses. Nephi Garcia is an incredible costume designer who posts under the Instagram account designerdaddy_, and it’s a fairy tale come true.

This golden Belle gown is gorgeous, and we want it more than we can tell.

Believe us, we have seen a lot of Beauty and the Beast inspired gowns, and this one has got to be our favorite. The beautiful gown reminds us of that incredible moment when Beast and Belle spin under the chandelier, and it makes us want to twirl.

This Cinderella ballgown is both the dream and the wish our hearts make.

This is the most beautiful gown a fairy godmother could ever dream up. The bodice of this gown is exquisite, and we couldn’t imagine a more beautifully draped skirt. This one is definitely worthy of going to a royal ball.

This Aurora and her Three Good Fairies from Sleeping Beauty group look is pure magic.

This is one of the adorable costumes that Nephi designed for his daughter. She and her friends as the Three Good Fairies are so darling as they spin around their Princess Aurora.

Hercules and Meg can defeat all of the Titans in these fabulous looks.

Nephi’s daughter and her little brother are so precious as the Greek god and his lovely Meg. This purple dress perfectly nails the fabulous sassiness of Meg’s personality. We would definitely rock that in an adult size.

Probably one of our faves are his fabulous Cinderella costumes that have little birdies to help.

We CAN’T EVEN with these precious little birdies helping Cinderella get ready. In the first pic, she is looking fabulous as the birdies help to put together a dress for the ball. And in the second pic, the birdies hold up Cinderella’s wedding veil.

This fabulous look as Jane from Tarzan would make us feel brave enough to swing on vines.

The shape of this dress is absolute perfection. Tarzan is one of those Disney movies that isn’t always as prominent, but it’s definitely a classic. We love Jane’s bravery and spunky attitude, and this outfit totally captures it. The poufy 19th century sleeves are spot on, and we would wear those boots in our everyday lives.

If this dress exists in Ariel’s world, then we want to be part of that world.

This wedding dress from The Little Mermaid is absolute perfection, and it is perfectly fit for a queen of both land and sea. We are so impressed with how fabulous and full the skirt is, which is definitely how the dress looks in the movie. We for sure want to be where those people are!

This Snow White gown is so stunning that we’ll feel like the fairest of them all.

This Snow White costume definitely ups the drama level on the costume we know from the movie, and we are all about it. We love the lacy detail of the yellow skirt, and the red cape is absolutely luscious. We also love the incredible pouf of the sleeves, which feel perfectly romantic. This gown is definitely a fabulous way to celebrate this classic film.

These are the sweetest evil stepsisters we’ve ever seen.

Ugh, we have never seen such a dramatic moment from one of our favorite movies turn so cute! The kids are reenacting the ugly stepsisters ripping apart Cinderella’s pink gown for the ball, and it is so precious. BRB, just watching this on loop for the next two hours.

And finally, this is not a Disney princess, but this dress from Anastasia is also worthy of royalty.

How could we not include this stunning dress? That beautiful train fills the entire room. We love the richness of the fabrics, and that neckline and shoulders are stunning. It’s perfectly regal, and we would love the chance to try it on.

We so want one of these dresses! We wish all it took was a little “Bibbity, bobbity, boo!”