We’re back with a remake from another one of our favorite TV shows! Last time, we made a replica of a dress from Kerry Washington’s Scandal wardrobe and today we’re going to New Orleans. It’s time to join the coven of American Horror Story. Horror movies are my jam, so when American Horror Story hit FX three seasons ago, I was hooked. And anything Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) joins, I will watch. You heard me, anything. This season AHS is basically The Craft 2.0. Witches burning things up, witches working voodoo tricks on themselves (Gabourey Sidibe is a human voodoo doll, y’all!), and witches bringing dead frat boys back to life. Aaaah, to be a witch.

I was totally drawn to a fabulously glam pair heels Emma Roberts wore in an episode where she had a slight issue with Queen Supreme Jessica Lange and a knife. The words, “I’m gonna cut you” were never truer.

They were sparkly (hers were the Steve Madden Spycee heels, found here) and when I saw them on her feet I wanted to craft my own pair. The key to these shoes are the straps and I found a pair of heels that were virtually identical (GoJane Ladder Up Heels for $19) in style to the pair that Emma wore.

On top of the shoes, you’ll also need…

2. Bead Tweezers/Toothpicks

3. Crystals (these are Swarovski crystals in assorted sizes)

The gist of this project is to dab the crystals and affix them to the straps – I put a bit of glue on a paper plate, dabbed the back of the stone, and then affixed it to the strap of the shoe.

The pattern of the stones on the original pair were just a mix of different sizes scattered on the straps, so I put different sizes of stones down in a non-consistent pattern.

This is definitely something that takes a little bit of time (the perfect thing to do with AHS on in the background or with some help from pals, or my mom in this instance!), but look at the results…

Your own DIY glitzy pair of heels a la Emma Roberts crafted in a few hours.

Never has “Witchy Woman” been more fun to sing.

Stay tuned for more As Seen On TV posts!