Credit: Amy Graves/WireImage/Getty Images

Halloween is a time to be our boldest selves, and Ariel Winter’s costume is both sexy and confident this year — as are pretty much all of her outfits these days.

On Thursday night, the Modern Family star stepped out for a pre-Halloween bash and she gave us a glimpse at her super-cute costume on Snapchat. Sure there aren’t any official Instagram photos just yet, but we can tell from her Snaps that she was a Playboy Bunny!

The 18-year-old actress proved that you can definitely be both sexy and sassy without showing too much skin with her Halloween ensemble.

We love everything about Winter’s costume, it’s not over the top, it’s spot-on and it’s totally fun. If only we could get a look at the back and see if she opted for a little bunny tail or a big one, then the look would be complete!

Credit: Ariel Winter/Snapchat

As you can see in the photo, Winter was the bunny, while one of her friends dressed up as Hugh Hefner rocking a red robe and captain’s hat.

Winter later snapped another photo of herself, this time giving us a closer look at her black-and-white costume.

Plus, adding the bunny emoji to her snap is definitely a nice touch.

Credit: Ariel Winter/Snapchat

What do you think of Winter’s sultry Playboy Bunny costume? We think she totally nailed it!