Sammy Nickalls
Updated June 07, 2016 9:21 am

There are so many reasons to love Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter. Just last week, she stood up for teen girls everywhere by speaking out about sexist and limiting dress codes. And now, we have heart-eye emojis for the new nose ring that she’s been showing off on Instagram. Oh, yes, we said nose ring.

Earlier today Ariel posted a black-and-white selfie showing off the new nose bling, which appears to be several hoops all looped together. It’s unclear whether this is a real piercing or a fake ring, but either way, it looks totally badass.

Ariel is sporting the nose ring while she’s filming Dog Years, which is currently filming in Nashville, Tennessee, with Burt Reynolds.

We’re getting vampire vibes from some of these Instagram pics and we totally adore it.

Okay, BRB, off to go get our noses pierced.