Olivia Harvey
November 30, 2016 12:15 pm
Jeff Vespa/Getty Images

Ariel Winter was spotted at the car wash with a friend the other day in Los Angeles, looking ~ V ~ comfy in leggings and a sweatshirt. But even though Winter was keeping her car wash attire casual compared to her more formal attire, she still made a statement with her freaking adorable backpack. Winter carried a monkey backpack that we would have actually killed for if we saw it in the elementary school playground during recess back in ’99.

But there’s no need for violence as adults. Our chance to relive our childhood is upon us. If Ariel Winter can wear a plush stuffed animal backpack, then we can, too. And by the looks of it, Monkey Winter is here to stay.

Getty Images / PG/Bauer-Griffin

She’s been wearing him/her for at least a month now. In this Instagram post, Monkey Winter went with Ariel to the gym, perhaps to coach her through a tough routine.

We need coaching through tough routines, too! Where can we get our own animal backpack, friends? Etsy of course!

This one goes out to all the self-proclaimed “horse girls” who refuse to give up their title! This vintage ’90s little buddy is available on Etsy for $45.50.

Etsy / littlelightVTG

We’re thinking he looks like a “Steve,” but feel free to name him what you want.

For those of us who love the wilder animals, check out this cheetah – or leopard. We’re not too sure of his species, but nevertheless, this plushy baby is cute. Once again, this backpack is vintage ’90s and is going for $55 on Etsy.

Etsy / BannedFromTV

Not sure what to name him? How about Mark? Just a suggestion!

Then there’s the classic teddy bear backpack for those of us who wish to keep things simple. For $42, you get a new best friend who keeps all your belongings safe and can be used as a pillow if you get tired while shopping. Now that’s our kind of BFF.

Etsy / twinheartsvintage

This teddy bear is definitely named Veronica, so don’t even question it.

And let’s not forget about our amphibious friends. This vintage frog number is also $42 and adds a perfect pop of green to any outfit. Perfect for anyone who indulged in a game of Frogger after school.

Etsy / twinheartsvintage

He seems to respond to “Maximillian,” but we’re thinking he’d be fine with just “Max.”

Guys, if this is a trend you want in on, go check out Etsy. If you don’t find anything you like, and you’re a crafty sort, there are some vintage sewing patterns available through the site as well. Take back your childhood and make a statement doing so!