Aura Schwartz
Updated Mar 04, 2014 @ 7:39 am

I am thinking we are in serious need of new names for some of the makeup products out there. “One Night Stand”, “Bad Gal Lash” and “Hot Slut Nail Polish” (yes, that really exists!) are not names that inspire me to buy a product!

Let me clarify – I do not judge a “one night stand” because I understand the human desire to connect physically, especially when a long term relationship is not an option. But, it’s not something I espouse nor is it something I want teenage girls to be learning from their beauty products.

NARS makeup (one of my all time favorite brands) came out with a blush palette over the holidays that has four of my favorite blushes in the six blush palette case, but it’s called “One Night Stand” — so do I not use it?? Why did they have to ruin it with that name? The product is so great that people would love it even if it were just called ‘Blush.’

Beauty and fashion pave the road for our youth as they follow these two worlds very closely. They copy the fashion runway’s clothing and make up looks and make them their own. Though a name on a beauty product may seem a non-issue, one of the reasons females buy products IS because of the name and its association! In high school, I bought Benefit Bad Gal Lash because it was cool and I thought I was a “bad gal”, but looking back… who was I kidding? I went to a religious all girls school, I never had a boyfriend and I did not do any drugs. Seriously, I should have been buying “good gal” products if there were such a thing. I digress… We do buy products because of the names. My sister just got her nails done in a beautiful maroon color because she liked the name of the polish “Rock Star Skinny” by Essie.

As you can see from the ages of 16 (my “bad gal” lash stage age) to 40, my sister’s age, names of products still matter when purchasing. And beauty brands know the power that they hold. With all this knowledge, how awesome would it be if beauty and fashion companies would set out to inspire and motivate the youth and the adults of this generation?! How about they name their products things like “Unique + Chic” for a nail polish, or “Spirit Seeker” as an eyeshadow palette or “Loyal Love” for a blush palette… just to name a few? Beauty brands, those names are on the house. Go ahead, I have not put a copyright on them… yet.

I know that not all brands seek to grab our attention by having a racy title. Some products go for our basic pleasures, like Too Faced’s “Chocolate Bar” eyeshadow palette. I mean, if we are being honest, put the word ‘chocolate,’ ‘wine,’ or ‘coffee’ on any beauty product and watch the items fly off the shelves!

The beauty brands out there are so powerful, that for many, they control the way in which we look at ourselves and how we feel as girls, then as women and then as mothers. It may be easy to use phrases that empower us sexually since that is all about our looks, but I would love to see them use their strength and start empowering our essence. I think instead of women thinking about the guy they were with the night before, they might feel better thinking about their inner radiance when applying their blush and how it can affect their day ahead. Ooh, that’s a good one too – “Rad Radiance” blush palette. I may have to start my own makeup line!

Featured image via Beautezine