anne hathaway
Credit: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Can we all just be really, really, real with each other? Sometimes getting dressed for fancy parties and deciding how to be comfortable, classy, and chic can feel like solving that Good Will Hunting math problem. Which is why Anne Hathaway rocking combat boots with her Dior dress to the Guggenheim International Gala on Thursday night is absolute genius. She looks like a super cool princess who would be ready at the drop of a champagne glass to save the world. Talk about #stylegoals.

Hathaway rocked Dior combat-style boots with rhinestone detailing and grosgrain bows with her nude, super-feminine look, so she wasn’t totally off base. Dior was hosting the gala, so it makes sense that the Les Miserable actress wanted to give as many style shoutouts as she could.

Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

The boots are only available in boutiques right now according to the site and there’s no price listed, so you can only use your imagine to set a budget for these fantasy closet staples.

Dior’s artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri was pleased with everyone’s look at the party, attended by Karli Kloss, Cleo Wade, Haley Bennett, and Kate Beckinsale. Chiuri told Vogue, “I love seeing everyone dressed up in this beautiful place. There is something very modern but still quite timeless about getting so dressed up. It is an important attitude.”

Hathaway definitely got the message that attitude is the best accessory.