Premiere Of Warner Bros Pictures' "The Accountant"
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Those of us who spent any of our youth living in the 1990s know that it was maaaaybe the best decade. There are lots of theories as to why this generation is so nostalgic (possibly because when we say “the best decade” other people are like, um, frosted tips and dial-up internet? No thank you.) compared to other generations, but… we think it’s pretty obvious. While we definitely look at some ’90s and early 2000s trends and cringe, there’s something so fun and free about the wide variety of shapes, materials, patterns, and colors that were COOL then, as opposed to now. Normcore may be practical, but we’ll always swoon for something in periwinkle velour — which is why we’re SO jazzed about the outfit Anna Kendrick wore to the Trolls premiere.

Honestly, though, it’s not even this amazing dress we love best. Although we DO love it.

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It isn’t even these ridiculously fabulous shoes that makes us lose our minds with ’90s adoration.

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And it ISN’T even this killer back cutout. (Although we really need to know what celebs wear in place of bras. They always have these amazing cutouts in their clothes and somehow everything stays where it should and nothing is, ahem, at attention. WHAT GIVES?)

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You may have spotted it in that last one, but what we’re really DYING over is her *CRIMPED HAIR.*

Credit: JB Lacroix/ Getty Images

ANNA KENDRICK, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY QUEEN. Doesn’t the crimped hair and fake hair scrunchie just TAKE YOU BACK to the good old days, when chokers you got for $0.25 out of a gum ball machine were legitimately fashionable?

Credit: JB Lacroix/ Getty Images

Ugh, it’s so good. It’s official, ya’ll. Bring out your crimpers — OUR TIME HAS COME.