Scarlet Meyer
Updated Sep 18, 2016 @ 7:01 pm
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Credit: Instagram/ Anna Camp

Pitch Perfect actress Anna Camp has come up with a totally genius wedding concept – that every bride-to-be needs to steal immediately. Instead of one dress, why not have two?

Credit: MTV/

This might sound a little intense, but hear us out. Camp has been posting all sorts of great wedding photos on her Instagram, and through watching it we’ve realized that she has one for the ceremony, and one for dancing after! This is seriously the best idea ever, because as much as love big, flowy gowns, they are no match for the average bride rocking out at her reception!

Her first dress is of course totally pretty

But it’s the second one that’s giving us serious style goals!

It’s short, with a lacy bodice and a beautiful feather skirt on the bottom. She tops of the look with some gorgeous gold sneakers(!). It’s so cute and fun, while managing to be totally comfy looking and seriously bridal.

Anyone who has had to sit through a wedding reception in a cumbersome dress and heels knows the struggle of dancing at the reception afterwards.

Everyone wants to have fun, but it’s hard when you’re wearing high heels and a dress that is pretty much just meant for photos. That’s why at almost every reception there’s that glorious point of the night where everyone decides they’re done and it’s suddenly okay to take your heels off. Camp has just decided to incorporate this wedding truth into her bridal outfit, which is totally awesome!

According to People, camp credits stylist Jessica Paster, hairstylist Rod Ortega and makeup artist Jenn Streicher for pulling together her beautiful wedding looks.

So congratulations to Anna Camp and her husband Pitch Perfect co-star Skylar Astin! Not only does it look like she had an awesome reception, but Camp totally kills it in the style department any day, even laundry day!