Sammy Nickalls
Updated April 23, 2015 7:07 am

Our hairstyle says SO much about who we are. Dyeing funky colors, chopping it off, curling, straightening—our hair lets us express ourselves and present ourselves to the world how we want to be seen. Today, the main question often is “to dye or not to dye? To chop it off or keep it long?” But it’s easy to forget just how many options we really have.

The Atlantic has given us a fantastic visual of all of the different hairstyles from the last century. Featuring one for every five year increment, it’s totally wild to see the evolution of hair during the past 115 years. As Atlantic writer Jackie Lay explains, “The history of hairstyles in the 20th century is a lively one, from the Gibson Girl’s chignon to the conk, which was worn by musicians like Sam Cooke in the 1920s, to Lucille Ball’s poodle cut, and of course, feathered hair made famous by Farrah Fawcett. It was a century of fast-paced fashions, made memorable by the identities showcased by hairstyle.”

Hey, we’d TOTALLY be down for bringing back some of these sweet styles. Rockin’ a Lucille Ball? Yes, please! Here are a few of our fave looks from The Atlantic‘s video.

So gorgeous, elegant, yet effortless-looking. Please, let’s bring this beauty back.

ALL FOR THE BOB. Seriously, the cutest.

Va va VOOM. Can you say volume?

Also known as Audrey Hepburn chic. We’d wear this one tall and proud.

Remember when EVERYONE wanted to get “The Rachel Look”? Ah, ’90s memories.

And OK, this isn’t exactly one we want to *bring back*, but we can’t ignore it:

Check out the entire Atlantic vid below, and let us know which styles are your faves!