America Ferrera
Credit: Getty Images / Jason LaVeris

We all know by now that Superstore star America Ferrera is an actual ray of sunshine. But the dress Ferrera wore to the NBC and Vanity Fair toast to the 2016-2017 TV Season event yesterday helped to perfectly personify that existing theory. To put it simply: The former Ugly Betty actress rocked the red carpet in a form-fitting, yellow sequined cocktail dress alluding to Old Hollywood Glamour.

Ferrera paired the dress with a thigh-length black velvet coat, which she wore draped over her shoulders. Mixing the textures of the soft and shiny velvet with the sparkling sequins truly makes this vintage-inspired outfit look classically luxurious.

Also, can we mention how great Ferrera’s new hairstyle looks? The honey blonde brings so much light to her face. We. Love.

Credit: Getty Images / VALERIE MACON

Even though Ferrera kept her accessories to a minimum, her choice of shoes adds a bit of high-fashion flair to the ensemble. The heels are a muted, brownish-gold with silver and leopard print toes. They aren’t something one would most likely pair with such a bold-colored and flashy dress, yet somehow they work.

Perhaps it’s the black in the toe and the undertone of gold that tie them into the dress and coat. Or maybe the fact that they are so close to being a simple nude color puts them in the nude heel category. We can’t really figure them out, honestly, but they’re pleasing our eyes and that’s all that matters.

Credit: Getty Images / Emma McIntyre

The clutch Ferrera brought along with her is a similar shade of brown-gold as her shoes. The metallic finish adds to the luxurious feel of the overall outfit, and the beaded clasp not only sparkles but adds a little point of interest.

It’s kind of like an accessory within an accessory.

Credit: Getty Images / Jason LaVeris

We’re so glad Ferrera is so fond of yellow because she radiates when wearing it. We all remember her 2016 Golden Globe Awards look, right? Girl can pull off a yellow dress.

Credit: Getty Images / Golden Globe Awards

With all the different shades of yellow out there, you should definitely try to figure out which one works for you. It can be tricky to find the right yellow to flatter your skin tone, but once you do you’ll radiate sunshine and happiness.