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amazon fashion
Credit: Amazon Fashion / https://www.instagram.com/p/BTSe-MjBKYI/

If you’ve been looking for a bitchy robot BFF to sass you whenever your outfit is off-point, take solace, because Amazon Echo Look can now be your new stylist. The new Echo Look technology, which is obviously a ploy of Skynet, features a built-in camera, LED light, mounting stand, and built-in microphone. But how exactly, you may wonder, will Amazon function as your personal stylist? We need details.

Once you’ve set up the Echo in your room and it has captured your visage from all angles, the Echo works in tandem with Amazon’s companion too called Outfit Compare. The tool was programmed by a team of fashion specialists to take into account the color, fit, and current trends in order to tell you what looks the best on you.

This is like if The Devil Wears Prada and Smart House made an app baby.

Which is either very good or very bad, depending on your opinions of those movies.

The price tag for your new personal stylist and judgmental robotic BFF is $200.

Credit: Amazon

Which isn’t bad when you consider how many free drinks you’ll get.

Also, the beloved Alexa will be connected to the Amazon Echo Look, so you can have her give you the style tips after she reads you the news.

We’ll just be over here waiting on the movie featuring Alexa as a high-powered fashion head.