Johnni Macke
November 25, 2016 11:49 am

Supermodel and Victoria’s Secret veteran, Alessandra Ambrosio shows off more from her bikini line in a sexy new campaign video, and wow.

Ambrosio’s bikini line, ále by Alessandrawhich features a LOT of tiny bikinis, officially debuted on Monday, and in celebration of the new line, the model posted a very steamy campaign video of herself rocking some of the looks.

The campaign video shows the 35-year-old model donning numerous styles and cuts from her brand new bathing suit line. They are all very different, but the one thing they have in common is that all the styles are very sexy. Would you expect anything less from the Brazilian model?

There is footage of the model topless in one scene and rolling around in the sand in another. It’s a very steamy shoot and definitely worthy of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition feature.

The mother of two has been promoting her new barely-there bikinis on her Instagram for months and with each suit we feel the need to start working on our bikini body even more.

Congrats, Alessandra on your new bikini line it is SO sexy! And it’s perfect timing seeing as Victoria’s Secret shuttered it’s swim collection earlier this year.

Now we just need to start working out and maybe saving up to buy one of these suits and then we’ll be all set for the summer season — if we can lay off all the Christmas cookies that is.