Credit: JP Yim/Getty Images

In honor of Palomo Spain’s show at New York men’s fashion week, we just wanna take a second to celebrate the magic that is Alejandro Gómez Palomo. If you’re all about destroying the idea that clothing is somehow gendered, get ready to fall in love. Because now is the time to rethink gender!

This designer proves once and for all that fashion is a political space, but in the most beautiful sort of way. Every single piece by Palomo is absolutely GORGEOUS, artsy as heck, and perfect for basically any and everyone. Now this is what we wanna see from the world of fashion.

Palomo completely rocked New York men’s fashion week, and we’re still in awe of everything we saw. How stunning is this shot?!

Historically, this designer has pushed boundaries of men’s and women’s clothing to create something entirely new and important.

If there’s a space to push boundaries, after all, it is the world of fashion!

And Palomo does it *so* well.

SO MUCH GORGEOUSNESS! Oh, our fashion-loving souls are so pleased right now.

While many of us were raised with the idea that there are only two genders (false!) and that boys wear one type of clothing, and girls wear another (double false!), at the end of the day, it just isn’t true. Gender is so much more complex than that, and it’s a beautiful thing.

TG for Alejandro Gomez Palomo for making sure we don’t forget that.