aerie crossover bikini review

We're Calling It—This Is the Swimsuit Style of the Summer

Crossover styles are where it's at.

Oh, TikTok—the place where dinners are inspired, beauty hacks are born, and your next style obsession originates. One of the most recent fashion trends that emerged was from cult-favorite brand Aerie. The Aerie Crossover Leggings skyrocketed to TikTok fame after Hannah Schlenker posted a video of herself dancing in them to her feed. Her followers were quick to notice the V-shaped waistline and how stellar they looked on Schlenker, and suddenly, a TikTok phenomenon was born.

The brand quickly sold out. Now, however, the brand has launched everything from biker shorts to skirts to flared leggings in the style all in a myriad of colors. In fact, there's even a dedicated section of the site for fans to shop all of the incoming (and restocking) pieces in one place. Plus, as with all of Aerie's clothing, sizes range from a small to an XXL The style is so popular that it even made its way over to the swimwear section.

We're calling it—they're going to be the style of the summer. After all, summer is in full swing, and you're likely looking forward to vacations you booked and time spent by the pool—even if it is your patio or front yard's kiddie one. While reviews of the leggings have been overwhelmingly positive, bikinis could be a different story, so we asked five people—with different body types—to review Aerie's crossover bikini bottoms. Here's what they had to say about the latest fashion must-have. 

Size small:

aerie crossover bikini review
Credit: Sora Hwang, HelloGiggles

Size medium:

aerie crossover bikini review
Credit: Melissa Vargas, HelloGiggles

Size large:

aerie crossover bikini review
Credit: Alicia Lawrence, HelloGiggles

Size XL:

aerie crossover bikini review
Credit: Cara Davis, HelloGiggles

Size XXL:

aerie crossover bikini review
Credit: Hannah Caldwell, HelloGiggles