Gabriela Herstik
July 31, 2017 5:00 pm

It only takes three words to transport us to our childhood. Simply hearing “aye, aye captain” brings us back to early mornings before school, when we’d watch Spongebob Squarepants and catch up on the latest happenings in Bikini Bottom. As we grew up, Spongebob remained a constant, reminding us that everything is better with friends and a smile.

Although we don’t watch the show as regularly anymore, we still have a special place in our hearts for it. And now, we can wear our hearts on our arms thanks to SALAR and their Spongebob Squarepants-themed purse collection. We’re ready, so round up your crew and get shopping.

Wonderland Mag Shop

These may be for the Nickelodeon-loving child in all of us, but they’re still an elegant upgrade from the Spongebob merchandise of days past.

Gone are plastic and cotton bags — now we have swanky leather Spongebob purses to play with. According to Cosmopolitan, the range offers a Millennial pink handle bag with fringe, complete with Patrick Star and plenty of gold star appliqués.

Wonderland Mag Shop

There’s also a Spongebob version of this bag, done in black and gold, with Spongebob jumping giddily on it. There’s even a black and gold leather handle bag with lacing, spikes, and Spongebob’s curious face on it.

Wonderland Mag Shop

These bags are in the splurge price range, costing from $550 to $750, and sadly, they aren’t available until September. But we’re just seeing this as an opportunity to start saving ASAP. You can check out the entire line in Wonderland Mag’s shop.

We’re crossing our fingers that there are even more Spongebob-inspired options when the collection launches.