Selena Gomez on the red carpet with shoulder-length hair and an off-the-shoulder top.
Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

A handbag is quintessential to a look, and everyone knows that, especially Selena Gomez. That’s why Selena Gomez designed these beautiful handbags for Coach! Now, we all know how amazing Selena is. From embracing the power of saying “no” to openly talking about mental health and her time in treatment, she’s pretty amazing. But those are just some of the amazing things Selena Gomez dedicates her time to.

Her new handbag line has a very important message. Inspired by Selena’s own tattoo, the purse features the phrase “Love yourself,” as well as amazing quotes from Selena herself.

Who wouldn’t want “To be you is to be strong” on your bag? Especially if Selena said it!

But is it a surprise we love these bags? They’re designed by Selena Gomez, after all! The designs are simple. They’re available in three colors, all named after Selena: Selena Black Cherry, Selena White, and Selena Red. The bags were designed with the help of Stuart Vevers, who is the Creative Director at Coach.

While simple, the messages on the bags are what really make them so amazing. Trust us, they’ll inspire and enlighten you!

You can get the line this September, and along with handbags, it includes wristlets, ID cases, bag charms and the handbags themselves. The line starts at $50 for the bag charm and ranges up to $395 for the bags. While they are a little on the pricey side, these are absolutely beautiful bags with a wonderful message behind them.

After all, a bag inspiring us to believe in ourselves is definitely something we all need. Sometimes, we all need encouragement, and it helps when it comes from Selena Gomez.

Are you going to get Selena’s new bag? We think you should! Because really, they’re adorable, they’re inspiring, and they’re created by Selena Gomez herself! What’s not to love?