Courtney Leiva
October 17, 2017 3:21 pm

If you are obsessed with everything marble these days, you’ll probably be glad to hear that LuMee just released a new marble phone case collection that will dress up your phone in the fancy countertop print you love. Plus, it will match your personal rose quartz collection.

Available for select iPhone models, each new LuMee Duo marble phone case is a marble lover’s dream, as it was designed by a professional photographer to help capture that amazing marble print. Available in pink quartz, black marble, and white marble, each sleek and drop-resistant case is sure to give your phone the classic (and fashionable!) look you’ve been yearning for.

A must for rose quartz enthusiasts, this LuMee Duo case is totally fashion forward. Plus, if you are into matchy-matchy looks, you’ll totally want to take a cue from this Instagram post and possibly get a pink quartz mani to match your phone.

But if you are into something more simple and sleek, the white LuMee marble case will keep things on the elegant side.

However, there’s just something about black marble that totally speaks to our inner goth girl.

For a closer look,  here is everything you need to know about all three LuMee products.

1LuMee Duo Marble iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6s Plus, 6 Plus Case in Pink Marble, $69.95

Image Courtesy Of LuMee

Satisfy your crystal lust with this gorgeous LuMee case, which offers front and back LED lighting so you get the best selfies possible.

2LuMee Duo Marble iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6s Plus, 6 Plus Case in White Marble, $69.95

Image Courtesy Of LuMee

Yes, you can wear white after Labor Day, especially with this beautiful case, which won’t shatter if you accidentally drop it.

3LuMee Duo Marble iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6s Plus, 6 Plus Case in Black Marble, $69.95

Image Courtesy Of LuMee

But if you want something timeless, (and not to mention a little witchy!) this phone case will never go out of style.

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