Amanda Malamut
July 29, 2017 9:56 am
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Reusable bags are super handy for grocery stores and avoiding plastic waste. But now these bags can be super stylish, too. And they won’t hurt your wallet, because they’re only $1. It sounds too good to be true, but these $1 mesh bags have become the newest trend that Instagram fashion bloggers can’t get enough of. These bags go perfectly with flip-flops or your stylish mesh shoes or boots.

You know how much we love a good deal, and we’ve got you. These bags are functional, come in several colors, and are super cheap. It’s the perfect combination for a staple summer accessory. Whether you’re hauling groceries or a beach towel, this bag has you covered.

This bag is perfect while laying out by the pool or the beach.

Refinery29 points out that these mesh bags have been spotted on the feeds of tons Instagram fashionistas including Lauren Caruso, Madelynn Furlong, Alyssa Lenore, and Camille Charriere.

Tired of getting copious amount of sand in your bag after a trip to the beach? Since these are mesh, all of the sand just falls right out. So you don’t need to worry about taking half the beach home with you. They’re eco-friendly and easily washable, which makes life that much easier.

They’re also wallet friendly.

These bags are great for all of your practical errands, but they’re also great for any fun occasion. This particular bag comes in four colors on Amazon, but there are plenty of variations to fit your style. Most are $1 or under, and some are as cheap as 72 cents! It’s not a fashion trend that we have to save up for, so we’re definitely jumping on it. Being on trend and helping the environment is something that we’ll definitely sign up for.