Margeaux Baulch Klein
November 15, 2017 11:08 am
Getty Images/Ray Tamarra

Scarfs serve a functional purpose of keeping our necks warm, but they are not just a cold-weather accessory. Like a piece of statement jewelry, a scarf can add a pop of color to an outfit or some polish to an otherwise basic T-shirt and jeans combo. But you already knew that.

But do you know six different ways to tie a scarf? Of course there’s the classic draped over your shoulder look, which automatically adds extra dimension to your ensemble. But there’s more options than that. We’ve rounded up six cute, different ways to rock a scarf, as demonstrated by some of our fave celebs.

The French Twist

Getty Images/Bauer-Griffin

To tie a scarf into a French twist à la Pippa, fold the scarf in half and then place around your neck with the loop on one side. Then take one of the loose ends and wrap it over and then under the loop. Take the second loose end and also wrap it over and under the same loop. Adjust the length as you see fit. Voilà!

The Starlet

Getty Images/Michael Bezjian

To get this 1950s style that looks like something Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn would have worn, first take the widest part of the scarf and place it on top of your head. Pull the ends toward your chin. If it’s a long enough scarf, you should be able to cross the ends and wrap around the back of your head. Then tie the ends in a knot in the back to secure them. Your end result should look like Kim Kardashian’s scarf on the set of her fragrance commercial.

The Side Knot

Getty Images/Astrid Stawiarz

Tying a scarf into a side knot evokes a 1960s flight attendant vibe, but as J.La demonstrates, it can look super chic, especially when your chest or shoulders are otherwise bare. To tie a side knot, drape the scarf over your shoulders. Take one side of the scarf and pull it over to the side where you want the knot to be. Pull the other side of the scarf over the first and through to create a knot. C’est fini!

The Bow

Getty Images/ Donato Sardella

There’s nothing that adds a more whimsical touch to an outfit than a scarf tied into a gigantic bow. To get this Kourtney Kardashian look, start by draping your scarf around your neck with both sides evenly hanging down. Then roll one side upwards and grab ahold of its center. Wrap the other side around it and then pull through the center, like you are tying a shoe. You should now have a bow!

The Tucked In Loop

Getty Images/SJP/Bauer-Griffin

When you don’t want a scarf to cascading down your chest or back, keep your loops tight and neat, like Rita Ora did in this pic. Start by draping the scarf unevenly around your neck. Loop the long part around your neck as many times as needed, and then cross the two ends, tucking them underneath.

The DIY Infinity

Getty Images/Ray Tamarra

We love the clean look of Beyonce’s infinity scarf in this photo as much as we love the queen herself, but did you know any scarf can be turned into an infinity style without any sewing required? To transform a normal scarf, knot the two corners of the scarf together to create a circle. Place it over your head, twist it, and then place it over your head again.