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Credit: DIFF Eyewear / Crap Eyewear / Quay Australia / Anna Buckley / HelloGiggles

It’s important to care for and protect our eyes all year long, regardless of weather. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, most of us don’t regularly bust out the sunglasses until spring hits us with the super bright rays. With this in mind, we found fabulous Coachella sunglasses options for you to peruse before packing your bag this festival season.

Maybe you’re an avid collector of trending eyewear looking for a hot new pair of sunglasses to showcase at Coachella. Or perhaps you’re someone who routinely loses your glasses and needs to replace them annually. No matter where you fall on the fashion spectrum of sunglasses, we’ve got your bases covered with a fabulous assemblage of our favorite designs.

Before you can even blink, you’ll find yourself rolling into Coachella like a member of Reservoir Dogs, except way cuter. Have no fear, we’ve included a broad range of styles and price ranges, so if you’re looking to ball out on some high-end sunglasses, we got you. And if you’re on a tight budget because you’re recovering from the steep cost of Coachella itself, we also got you.

You might want to draw the shades in your apartment because this list is going to blind you with beauty.

1PrettyLittleThing Gold Statement Frame Round Sunglasses, $18

Credit: Courtesy of Pretty Little Things

Your eyes will literally radiate like the sun.

2Forever 21 Melt Acetate Oval Sunglasses, $48

Credit: Forever 21

Channel Cardi B at Coachella with these sunglasses (she is headlining after all).

3Poppy Lissiman Barbara in Pink Gingham, $98

Credit: Poppy Lissiman

Pretty in pink-nic vibes in the desert.

4DIFF Eyewear x Khloe Kardashian Red Lens, $85

Credit: Courtesy of Diff Eyewear

Who among us doesn’t want to channel the glow of Khloé this spring?! Exactly.

5Crap Eyewear The Ultra Jungle, $79

Credit: Courtesy of Crap Eyewear

Fran Drescher vibes all the way, baby.

6Crap Eyewear The Wild Gift, $79

Credit: Courtesy of Crap Eyewear

These sunglasses are serving old-Hollywood lewks.

7Wyeth Dilworth Red & Blue Speckled Tortoise, $185

Credit: Courtesy of Wyeth

These sunnies are Warhol-meets-cool-Tumblr-teens, which is the vibe we’re going for this Coachella.

8Skinny Dip London Nova Ombre Star Sunglasses, $40

Credit: Courtesy of Always Fits

With this pair, you’ll be the cutest constellation in all of Coachella.

9Priverevaux The Feminist Limited-Edition, $29.95

Credit: Courtesy of Privereveaux

Hello, may we please speak with James Bond?!

10Quay Australia Sahara, $65

Credit: Courtesy of Quay Australia

These are as peaceful as the sunset, which you’ll need after all the loud music.

11Quay Australia Steal A Kiss, $60

Credit: Courtesy of Quay Australia

Truly glam AF.

12Dom Vetro Pietra 2, $295

Credit: Courtesy of Dom Retro

You’ll be dialing up your levels of mystery to 100 with these high-end sunglasses.

13Forever 21 Hexagonal Lens Sunglasses, $9.90

Credit: Forever 21

You’ll look like the ultimate cool girl in these.

14Skinny Dip London Pink Heart Sunglasses, $45

Credit: Courtesy of Always Fits

These are a FULL LEWK and we’re here for it.

15H&M Heart-Shaped Sunglasses, $7.99

Credit: H&M

You can never go wrong with heart-shaped sunnies while at a music festival.

16Urban Outfitters Venice Oval Sunglasses, $18

Credit: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Jackie O meets Barbie in this sexy design marriage.

17ModCloth Wholeheartedly Darling Sunglasses, $19

Credit: Courtesy of Modcloth

You’ll look like a teenage dream, except likely older and wiser.

18Warby Parker Harris, $95

Credit: Courtesy of Warby Parker

These are sunglasses that can rock a job interview or a concert with equal amounts of grace.

19Nordstrom BP. Oval Sunglasses, $14

Credit: Nordstrom

Sexy and simple are forever in style.

20Giant Vintage Cobain, $12

Credit: Courtesy of Giant Vintage

Go ahead, channel the fashion ethos of Kurt Cobain.

21Giant Vintage Visor XL, $25

Credit: Courtesy of Giant Vintage

Not only do these sunglasses give you DOUBLE the sun protection, but they’re bound to be the most ridiculous(ly beautiful) pair in your whole friend group.

22Boohoo Floral Enamel Retro Sunglasses, $9

Credit: Boohoo

Skip the flower crown, and sport floral sunnies instead.

23Emma Mulholland x Pared Stargazers, $240

Credit: Courtesy of Pared

Retro chic always plays well at Coachella.