Bronwyn Isaac
December 04, 2017 12:22 pm
Hot Topic / Rage On / Glamour Dolls

Now that the busy season of holiday shopping is fully upon us, we are saddled with the question of what to buy our loved ones.

Sometimes the safest bet for holiday shopping is going the route of nostalgia, which is why these Lisa Frank-themed gifts might be exactly what the time-traveling, tie-dye doctor ordered.

Does your co-worker secretly wish they could hop into a DeLorean and go back in time to the ’90s when Lisa Frank ruled our childhood hearts? Lucky for them, and easier for your shopping list, there are plenty of electric neon, Lisa Frank products around in 2017.

If your pal loves makeup, there are Lisa Frank-themed brushes and eyeshadows. If they go to yoga class every week, there are Lisa Frank leggings featuring many of the brand’s iconic characters. The world is practically your Lisa Frank oyster.

In order to make your psychedelic online shopping trip a bit easier, we’ve gathered 21 of our favorite Lisa Frank swag for your perusal.

1Glamour Dolls Lisa Frank Eyeshadow, $6.99

Courtesy of Glamour Dolls

This peachy eyeshadow is vegan, cruelty-free, and crease-resistant, and comes encased in the image of an intense Lisa Frank eye.

2Glamour Dolls Lisa Frank Angled Blending Brush, $4.99

Courtesy of Glamour Dolls

Now you can sweep your blush into place with the rainbow power of unicorns.

3Glamour Dolls Lisa Frank Blending Brush, $4.99

Courtesy of Glamour Dolls

This brush will make the whole eyeshadow process 800% more whimsical.

4Lisa Frank Wild About Hunter Microraschel Blanket, $38.73


Keep warm and cozy with this neon Hunter the Cheetah blanket.

5Hot Topic Lisa Frank Dancing Bunnies T-Shirt, $17.43

Courtesy of Hot Topic

These bunnies are having the dance party ALL of us need and want this holiday season.

6Hot Topic Lisa Frank Splatter Unicorn T-Shirt, $17.43

Courtesy of Hot Topic

This shirt is like the foggy unreal after-party of Lisa Frank t-shirts.

7Hot Topic Bear & Candy Tie-Dye T-Shirt, $17.43

Courtesy of Hot Topic

This bear is literally chilling on a lollipop in tie-dyed space; isn’t that what we all want to project out into the world?!

8Hot Topic Lisa Frank Lips T-Shirt, $16.03

Courtesy of Hot Topic

This t-shirt is ideal for anyone who loves animal print as much as Lisa Frank.

9Hot Topic Lisa Frank Kitties & Shoe Tie Dye T-Shirt, $17.43

Courtesy of Hot Topic

What the world needs now (besides world peace and solar power), is more t-shirts of adorable kittens.

10Hot Topic Lisa Frank Hunter the Leopard Outer Space Sweatshirt, $38.90

Courtesy of Hot Topic

TFW outer space is bubblegum pink.

11Hot Topic Lisa Frank Rainbow Mischief Unicorn Sweatshirt, $39.90

Courtesy of Hot Topic

This sweatshirt is bright enough to replace a lightbulb, which makes it that much better.

12Hot Topic Lisa Frank 90s Bears T-Shirt, $21.52

Courtesy of Hot Topic

This sweatshirt literally has Lisa Frank bears rapping. Prepare to make this your daily uniform.

13Hot Topic Lisa Frank Tiger Journal, $11.92

Courtesy of Hot Topic

All of your secrets are safe with this multi-colored tiger.

14Lisa Frank Nail and Body Tote Set, $11.89

Toys R Us

Time to exchange your fancy makeup case for this.

15Lips Crop Top, $37


Imagine secretly wearing this under a power blazer.

16Lisa Frank Stickers – Over 500, $6.95


Most of us Lisa Frank lovers found our home through the massive sticker collections — and now we can bring that back.

17Vintage Lisa Frank Cheetah Binder, $84

Courtesy of Etsy

Now you can doodle your crush’s name all over again.

18Cactus Pattern Leggings, $42


Yoga poses will instantly become next level when wearing these leggings.

19Lisa Frank Power Stick, $13.99


Your phone will never die thanks to this very stylish power stick.

20Lisa Frank 3-in-1 Stereo Combo Pack — Puppy and Kitty, $20.99

Toys R Us

Who needs Beats by Dre headphones when this exists?

21Lisa Frank Vintage Lunch Box, $35.99

Courtesy of Etsy

This lunch box will transport you back to elementary school, in a good way.

Hopefully these suggestions transform your shopping into a psychedelic journey back to the ’90s.