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The season of binge-watching horror films while sipping on steaming hot cider has finally arrived, and we are fully ready to embrace its spine-tingling beauty. While normally the focal point of horror films is the bloodied heroes and nightmare-inducing monsters, there are movies in the canon that managed to simultaneously inspire fear and fashion goals.

After all, just because a monster is about to tear apart the flesh of us and our loved ones, it doesn’t have to stop us from putting our best-heeled foot forward. If we’re going to get haunted by the psychologically tortured ghosts of the floating undead, we may as well be wearing a power outfit.

So, for your perusing pleasure we have compiled seven of the most stylish horror movies to date!

Queen of the Damned

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It would be criminal to have a sexy vampire movie without dangerously attractive leads, but Aaliyah as Queen Akasha in Queen of the Damned elevates the title of sexy vampire to a whole other level. Decked out in her gold and silver bejeweled bra, her spiked ornate metallic neckpiece, and arm cuffs that hook onto miniature capes, it’d be ideal if Queen Akasha moonlights as a style blogger.

She even has the makeup techniques down to a dark art. Just look at that fierce brow.

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It’s hardly surprising that an Italian horror film made in the 1970s made the list, but Suspiria, which is about a dancer named Suzy who arrives at a ballet academy only to quickly discover something is awry, is undeniably fashionable. During her series of dark, homicidal discoveries, the monochromatic cinematography style features Suzy in a fitted, cream-colored dress, accompanied by her knit peaches-and-cream jacket.

She looks terrified, but ready for fashion week.

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The Neon Demon

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Starring Elle Fanning, The Neon Demon plays heavier on the viewer’s psychological fears as it follows the young model protagonist through her encounters in LA. The glam-yet-unsettling hair and makeup in the film is enough to inspire existential dread in those of us without the time to achieve this next-level cosmetic artistry.

What bloody dangers lurk behind her jeweled eyes?

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The Eyes of Laura Mars

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The 1978 psychological horror film The Eyes of Laura Mars follows a photographer played by Faye Dunaway who specializes in taking controversial pictures of stylized violence. Things take a turn when she begins getting nightmare visions of real-life murders of her models and friends. While Dunaway looks sensibly stylish in her boots and ’70s get-up, it’s the beautifully nightmarish looks of the models that truly put this film on the list.

This movie is the literal translation of a fresh hell.

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Rosemary’s Baby

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There are few things more terrifying than a young Rosemary (Mia Farrow) slowly realizing that her true baby daddy is the devil. However, despite her supernaturally bad luck, she kills the hair game (with both a chic bob and a later iconic pixie cut) while feverishly experiencing satanic panic in frilly nightgowns.

Even 40 years later, people still reference Rosemary’s Baby when taking the pixie cut plunge.

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The Hunger

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Once we hear the words “erotic horror film” in the same sentence as David Bowie, we know it’ll be a beacon of fashion. Released in 1983, The Hunger was a sexy psychological thriller that starred Catherine Deneuve and Bowie as a seductive vampire couple who wear impossibly cool outfits while feasting on the blood of unsuspecting victims. It also features Susan Sarandon as a curious doctor who crosses their path.

Just look at these sexy monsters.

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The Birds

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It would be morally irresponsible to make a list of fashionable horror films and not include Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic The Birds, where actual birds create bloody mayhem all while Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren are wearing their finest threads and sipping on cocktails.

Tippi Hedren’s fur coat and lime green, collared dress suit is truly iconic.

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Now we feel fully ready to hunker down and throw a movie night dedicated to the movies that best pair horror with vogue.