Lindsey Sirera
January 27, 2017 11:57 am
Hello Giggles

Sweet treats, cheesy cards, the chance to dote on loved ones. It’s pretty much a no-brainer as to why Valentine’s Day is a holy grail holiday. And before you get a chance to even think it, allow us to interject: No, V-Day is NOT an exclusive party to which only lovey-dovey couples may RSVP. Anyone and everyone is welcome to jump on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon, because there are way more loving relationships than just the romantic ones to celebrate.

From your #girlsquad to your mama, let’s not forget to give a little love to all the non-romantic relationships in our lives come Feb. 14. And if hand-drawn cards aren’t your forte (we’re guilty on that one), these goodies will suffice to say “I love you.”

1LOVE+SAGE Well Red Lip Balm, $12


2 Love Potion iPhone Case, $34

3 Caudalie Rose de Vigne Gift Set, $39 


4 Love Potion Chad Tank, $62 


5Simone LeBlanc Midnight Beauty Suite Gift Set, $75

Simone LeBlanc

6Lola James All Choked Up Choker, $75

Lola James

7 Lulu Guinness Glitter Lip Pouch, $40 

Lulu Guinness

8 Wildfox Je t’aime Sleep Mask, $44 


9 Kate Spade She Follows Her Nose Cake Heart Pan, $15 

Kate Spade

10Valentine’s Heart Gloves, $33 


11 Cactus Bud Vase, $20 


12 Harry & David’s Valentine’s Day Truffles in Keepsake Box 

Harry & David's

13 Uncommon Goods Crimson Heart Umbrella, $33

Uncommon Goods

14Clarins Limited Edition Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm, $20


15 Foot Cardigan Mean Girls Socks, $13, launching Feb. 1st

Foot Cardigan

16 Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Blush & Highlighter, $54 


17White Lilac Pretty Face Vase, $16.50

18 Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Fragrance, $86 

Tory Burch

19 Peace Love World You Are Beautiful Celia Top, $108

Peace Love World