Patrice J. Williams
March 16, 2018 1:30 pm

Only a few more weeks before St. Patrick’s Day and you have to be prepared, right? After you’ve decorated your home with some celebratory decor and maybe even ordered sexy lingerie for the holiday, what’s next? What to wear, of course. Though St. Patrick’s Day isn’t normally associated with chic attire, you can have fun and look cute with an adorable tee that shows off your sense of style and sense of humor.

But first, do you even know when St. Patrick’s Day is? Like every year, it’s March 17th, and this year it falls on a weekend. That means no need to worry about changing your clothes from work to happy hour. No button-down shirts or cardigans today — a relaxed tee is more the vibe.

The tees below are perfect if you’re heading out for a night of drinking, a long boozy brunch, or even if you’re staying in with the crew. These St. Patrick’s day T-shirts below range from delightfully cheeky to more subtle options that you can wear any day of the year. There’s something for every drinking style and style of dress. Read on for our best St. Patty’s Day picks:

1 Bad and boozy tee, $15, Etsy 

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“Raindrops, drop tops…”

2 I’m not short T-shirt, $18, Amazon 

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For the 5’4″ and under crew.

3 Whiskey business graphic tee, $15, Target 

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You mean business.

4 Pinch me shamrocks T-shirt, $6, 6 Dollar Shirts 

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This shirt says go ahead, pinch me and pay the price.

5 Mickey Mouse St. Patrick’s Day shirt, $20, Amazon 

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Even a vet like Mickey gets in on the festivities of St. Patrick’s day.

6 Boston Celtics v-neck tee, $25, Torrid 

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Is it really St. Patty’s Day without the Celtics mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun?

7 Cheers y’all v-neck, $22, Etsy 

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Drink up and be merry!

8 Lucky shamrock shirt, $25, Etsy 

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This tee is wearable before, during, and after St. Patrick’s Day.

9 Magically delicious tee, $25, Amazon 

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Dare you to wear this tee and not get a chuckle out of people (or at least leave them craving Lucky Charms).

10 I love beer tee, $10, Target 

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Beer: the fifth love language.

11 Pinch me, I’ll scratch you tee, $6, Walmart 

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This kitty bites back.

12 Love St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt, $6, Walmart 

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Simple and to the point.

13 Day drinking shirt, $12, JCPenney 

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Hey, you came dressed in your uniform.

14 Shameless St. Patrick’s Day tee, $17.09+, Etsy 

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Drink until you’re a Gallagher.

15 Irish you were beer tee, $13, Target 

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16 EveryWear St. Patrick’s Day graphic tee, $7, Old Navy 

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If simple and subtle is your vibe, this tee’s for you.

17 Lepricorn tee, $28, Tipsy Elves 

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When a leprechaun rides a unicorn, it’s a Lepricorn!

We can all toast to a fun tee.