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Behold: The newest “100 Years of Beauty” video is here, and it’s amazing (per usual!). Created by, every “100 Years of Beauty” video aims to positively and authentically highlight fashion and beauty trends from around the globe, as well as provide a mini-lesson on culture. So far, we’ve seen the U.S., Mexico, Korea, Iran, and now we’re presented with the Philippines. Traveling to the country, studied trends spanning from the 1910s to the 2010s, showing glamorous bobs of the 1930s to the epically glam bouffants of the 1960s.

Starting in 1910 (during the tail end of the Philippine-American war), this earthy look depends on beads, shells, and tribal patterns:

This ’40s look reflects WWII and the Japanese occupation and shows women’s powerful role in a turbulent era (and that bold red lip! The dramatic brows! Those loose, gorgeous waves!).

The video continues into the ’70s, which were a groovy time for laid back style, colorful headbands, smokey eyeshadow, and thick brows!

The model who’s trying all these different looks on, according to Mashable, is actually a former Filipino pop star, so she knows a thing or two about trends and styles.

Watch the rest of video below, and be prepared to be hypnotized by the rad history lesson in both beauty and Filipino culture:

Images via YouTube