Gabi Conti
August 06, 2014 9:32 am

The term “catwalk” takes on a new meaning when the models are feline. Yes, there was a cat fashion show this past weekend at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City. And judging by the pictures, it was fierce.

Unlike most fashion shows, this event wasn’t intended to display that latest style for felines to rock this fall. Instead, this show was all about charity. The event began as a tribute to the hotel’s resident cat Matilda, and has now become an annual fundraiser for homeless cats and dogs, reminding New Yorkers to adopt.

So what exactly happens at a cat fashion show? Allow me to be Veronica Corningstone and give you the scoop. (I should’ve probably picked another word.)

1. There Are Celebrities

Cat celebrities that is, like Vito Vincent, a once-homeless kitty who is now kind of a big deal. You might remember him from Broadway’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s or TV’s 30 Rock and The Colbert Report.

2. Things Get Catty 

I’m sure this is what was going through their minds. . .

3. There Is Always A Theme

Like any fashion show! Okay sure, maybe Fashion Week’s theme is neon, which is hot for spring, or fall is all about neutrals. This cat fashion show’s theme was “Broadway,” and last year it was literary greats. Can you guess which Broadway show this picture is referencing? We can’t.

4. There Are Cat Naps

Modeling is exhausting, after all. Cody knows this. As he takes a much-needed rest after striking a pose in his Rock of Ages get-up.

5. Someone Usually Steals The Show

Lily (whose look was inspired by Mama Mia) makes a dramatic entrance that is sure to make the others hiss with envy.

6. Naturally, There Is Smizing

Thank you, Tyra.

7. Cat Wear Wigs, OK?

Is that Edward Cullen or a cat? I seriously can’t tell. . .

8. There Is Always One Scaredy-Cat

This cat had no idea what her day would look like when she woke up that morning. 

9. There Is Some Serious Sass On The Runway

“I’d rather take a bath than wear whatever this thing is.”

If looks could kill. . .

So there you have it. A cat fashion show is a thing. Stay fierce, Kitties.

(Images via herehere, here and here.)