Even though I can’t yet afford a $300 beauty travel kit or $175 monogrammed dinner napkins, I still love how luxurious Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle company, Goop, is. I vicariously live through the chic web design and Gwyn’s detoxes and cleanses. And have you seen Peter Dunham’s pillow collection? It’s all just so fabulous, I can hardly stand it!

Joining lifestyle guide pioneers Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah and Martha Stewart, Reese Witherspoon is also starting a side project that will focus on beauty, fashion, health, and food. Reese Witherspoon won over my eleven year-old heart with Legally Blonde, so I am very excited to see hand-picked lotions and Witherspoon family recipes on her new website! Since Reese is from Nashville, the brand will most definitely have a southern flare. Does this mean we will get a recipe for healthy fried green tomatoes? I sure hope so, guys.

Blake Lively is another actor who is jumping on board to create a lifestyle brand. If her site resembles anything from her Serena van der Woodsen days, I am so in. Other celebrities which I think would curate amazing lifestyle books and websites include:

10. Ginnifer Goodwin

When I was in college, I went to go see He’s Just Not That Into You and my roommates were like, “Oh my God, you’re like Gigi because you’re so terrible at dating!” Ever since, I’ve completely identified with Ginnifer Goodwin. She genuinely seems like such a nice person, and her pixie cut is to die for. Ginnifer is super down-to-earth, so her lifestyle guide would probably be all about comfort, cool ways to make mac ‘n cheese, and how to pull off white after Labor Day (she is, after all, Once Upon a Time’s Snow White).

9. Jonah Hill

This two-time Academy Award nominee is one of the goofiest people I have never met. I think underneath the hilarity is a sensitive, super hard-working guy. Jonah would be all about vintage glasses frames and all the ways you can help yourself become a better writer. Since Jonah has wanted to write comedy films since he was a kid, he would be all about sharing his success with us.

8. Matthew McConaughey

Besides killing it in True Detective, Matthew McConaughey just seems like such a nice, involved dude. He started the just keep livin foundation, which helps teenagers lead active lives and make healthy choices to become better people. Once, he even rescued a cat which was about to be lit on fire. This guy is golden. He would want us to buy more local and handmade products that benefit families and towns as well as some killer suits because the guy has style.

7. Ellen Page

Ellen Page is an activist as well as an amazing actor. She was one of the 30 celebs who joined the online ad series for U.S. Campaign for Burma which called for an end to Burma’s military dictatorship. Also, she publicly came out at the Human Rights Campaign “Time to Thrive” conference, giving an incredible speech and encouraging so many to love themselves and be proud of who they love. Ellen’s lifestyle guide would focus on finding and being “you” as well as providing some excellent hoodies.

6. Jessica Lange

All hail Queen Jessica! The star of American Horror Story is a classy lady, so I would expect her to indulge us with designer products, like Alexander McQueen nightgowns and Chanel perfume. Jessica is also a total badass. You can tell that she does what she wants when she wants to do it, so she will for sure throw in bold lipsticks and black dresses because ferocity is key. Since Jessica is also a photographer with two published works, I would also think she would want us to experiment with our inner artist!

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

If Leo had a nickel for every magazine cut-out of his face pasted above a ’90s teen’s bed, he would be totally rich. Oh wait, he already is. I’m sure Leo indulges in the finer things in life like caviar, Brazilian supermodels, and suits that cost more than my college tuition. There is no way Leonardo would shy away from providing us with the best of the best, products and ideas that are extravagant and tasteful, like golden soaking tubs and really good hairspray (I mean, the man’s hair is flawless).

4. Mindy Kaling

Who doesn’t love this girl? Mindy, creator of the show The Mindy Project, actor, author, and overall goddess, is super fashionable and has the best taste in things, ever. Even though she doesn’t update it anymore because she’s busy taking over the world, Mindy used to write about stuff she likes or bought on her website. This includes a heart-shaped cupcake tin, a Margot Tenenbaum polo shirt, a chandelier she purchased at Lamps Plus, and a pro popcorn maker. Please direct MY lifestyle, Mindy!

3. Kelly Oxford

Kelly Oxford is the Queen of Twitter and I love her smart, sarcastic swagger. I also love her style, if you want me to be perfectly sincere and keep going with the alliteration. I know Kelly has selected a few things for her personal Ebay collection, like vintage Mickey Mouse shirts and spiked bracelets, but I would be totally cool with Kelly starting her own Goop. Maybe she could call it Everything to Shop For When You’re a Liar (you can totally use this title if you want, Kelly).

2. Beyoncé

I think Bey should dedicate her style guide exclusively to hair, because what she does with hers is magic. One day it’s chin-length and blonde, and the next it’s brown and down to her butt. How does she do it?! Yoncé, teach us your ways. Also, please post all of your vegan recipes. I miss following your 22-day Vegan Challenge!

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Besides being the coolest girl in Hollywood, JLaw can pull off any and every look, whether it’s glamorous, casual, military (holler, Katniss!), or boho. Girl has got multi-dimensional style and flare. Jennifer is also a total girl-next-door. She probably shops at H&M for tank tops and Express for jeans (who doesn’t love their jeans?), and we all know she is NOT ashamed of the food she loves. Jen, guide us with your quirky, wonderful ways.

Which celebrities would you like to guide YOUR life?

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