Fashion Week inspiration for non-Fashion Week girls

Fashion Weeks are happening again in all of the big fashion capitals. Visiting them basically means living out of a suitcase, hectic schedules, and still looking perfect and street-style-photographer ready at all times. What can all us regular people learn from this? Here are some tips for Fashion Week-level traveling style in your non-Fashion-Week life. See you next time!

1. Coat 

2. Red Lipstick 

3. Sunglasses

4. Tote bag

5. Célfie tee 6. Wrap scarf

7. Trolley bag 

8. Concealer

9. Healthy go-to snack

10. Gray skinny jeans 

11. Travel-size face mask

12. Pointy flats 

13. Leather skirt 

14. High boots

15. Leather notepad 

16. Multi vitamins 

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