Fashion student urges her school to adopt plus-size mannequins

“The average woman in the United States is a size 14” is how design student Nayyara Chue began an online petition that’s surpassed her expectations. Her appeal is addressed to Joel Towers, the Dean of NYC’s Parsons School of Design because she’s only come across one plus-size dress form at the school.

“[T]here are approximately one thousand students focusing on fashion design attending at the moment,” writes Nayyara, who’s specializing in bridal fashion. “It is preposterous that several students can’t execute their plus-sized specialties at the school, even more so when the resources aren’t readily available to us. In addition, a nanequin costs circa 300-400 $US and isn’t econonomically accesible to everyone within the school.”

Since Chue is a plus-size designer, she’s had to work around such limitations. Using duct tape, Runway Riot reports that the student crafted her own dress form – which is something one wouldn’t imagine happening within the walls of a prestigious design school like Parsons. That’s exactly why Nayyara is urging her school to live up to its name.

“[I]nstalling more plus-sized mannequins in our classrooms would open a lot of doors to emerging designers who believe in sizes higher than 8,” Chue states, later adding: “This petition isn’t solely about mannequins and making frilly clothes with them, it’s about women KNOWING (not feeling) that we are beautiful no matter what size we are.”

As of right now, the petition has over 4,000 supporters attached to it, which greatly exceeds Nayyara’s original goal of 150. Now, the only question is: Will Parsons listen? Will they adopt dress forms that represent all the beautiful bodies out there?

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