Fashion students created an entire swimwear line out of McDonald’s packaging, and it’s actually kind of cute

When you think of McDonald’s, the first thing to come to mind isn’t exactly haute couture. But some Miami fashions students are here to show us differently. In what has now become a local tradition, Miami fashion students created an entire swimwear line out of McDonald’s packaging, at the behest of local franchise owners. And you know what? It’s pretty darn cute.

The Miami International University of Art and Design students showed the collection — aptly named McDCouture — at Miami Swim Week this past Thursday. It’s something right out of Project Runway, but somehow waaaay better. The 20-piece collection, for both women and men, includes fry box cover-ups, ponchos, sandwich wrapper vests, ands super cute dresses from Happy Meal boxes.

In all, the students used more than 7,000 McDonald’s sandwich wrappers, 2,800 fry boxes, 2,800 straws, 825 soft drink cups, 225 Happy Meal boxes, 2,900 sandwich boxes, 1,000 Sriracha sauce lids, and 250 to-go bags throughout the design process.

One you see the McDCouture collection, you will be thoroughly impressed.

And possibly a little hungry for a Big Mac. (Then again, when aren’t we craving a Big Mac?)

In 2015, the students also completed the challenge, and we’re definitely in favor of some of these looks.

Here are some of our favorites from the 2017 McDCouture collection.

This year’s runway show was sponsored by the Cabrera/Bentancourt organization, which is comprised of 20 South Florida McDonald’s owners and a longtime partner of the university. They gave away a $5,000 scholarship to one of the design students, Pablo Machado Palomeque, who was chosen by fashion industry pros and insiders, members of the media, and some of the owners for his winning look. It was a riff on the Victoria’s Secret Angel — a “McDCouture Angel,” if you will — that had flowers made of fry boxes on it and 7,000 (yup, you read that right) butterflies constructed from 1,100 sammie wrappers.

Check this work of fast food art.

“It gives us great pleasure knowing that we are providing students with the opportunity to hone their craft and showcase their talents and that we are also helping students to launch their careers,” said Emilio Cabrera of the fashion show.

It gives us a ton of pleasure, too. Let’s hope they do this every year! In the meantime, you should check out some of the new McDonald’s merch to show your love of the burger.