How the fashion world is going to steal from ‘Force Awakens’ in 2016

To be completely honest, I own a lot of Star Wars clothing. I might be wearing an Empire Strikes Back t-shirt right now (I am). This past holiday shopping season has been my Star Wars clothing dream because with the release of Force Awakens, there are just so many GOOD items to buy, and I think I’ve bought them all by now. Even more amazing, it looks like this is only the beginning of Star Wars fashion, but instead of coming off the racks at Target, it’s going to come off the runway.

With Force Awakens well on its way to being the biggest movie of all time (On New Year’s Day it passed Titanic to become the second biggest domestic movie of all time, next stop: Avatar) it only makes sense for its influence to trickle into every day life. You’ve already got the toys and C-3PO navigating you in the car via Waze. If you’re like me, you’ve got a lot of the graphic t-shirts, too. Now with new fashion trends gearing up for 2016, designers are more than likely going to pull a lot of inspiration from the Resistance and Jakku.

The New York Times believes that this year we’re going to start seeing a lot more sand tones (thanks, Rey), flight-suit variations of the jumpsuit (thanks, Poe), and distressed leather (thanks, Finn… who can thank Poe for lending him his jacket). The Philadelphia Inquirer also guesses that we’re going to see a rise in arm warmers and vests, like what Rey wears for all of the movie.

Also black trench coats, something from Kylo Ren’s all-black wardrobe, if you want to follow in his dark footsteps (don’t follow in them, but snag the black trench).

All these things are completely wearable as they are, but now combine that with the influence of Force Awakens, and you can bet you’ll be seeing Rey’s pants in Target soon enough. And you’re going to buy them all, because Rey is awesome, and her wardrobe is perfect for whatever adventure awaits. Now just to master her three-bun hairstyle. And figure out how to get Maz’s glasses in my prescription.

(Image via Lucasfilm.)

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