Forget flower crowns — this Paris fashion show debuted flower SHAWLS

We’ve seen a lot of fashion shows in our time, and gorgeous flowery crowns are often a staple for the runway. But get a load of this: Rodarte’s Spring 2018 collection just redefined flower crowns and elevated them to a whole new level of wonder! As in, not only did the runway models wear intricate flower crowns, but the Kate and Laura Mulleavy collection included flower shawls as well. Didn’t know you could wear flowers as a key clothing item? Prepare to be wowed.

A new fashion trend has arrived, and it feels so romantic, whimsy, and festive.

Love the flower prints on those dresses, too. An idea for your next wedding outfit, perhaps? Or maybe we should just stare at those flower shawls in a bubble of amazement.

Okay, let’s give those flower crowns some more love, too, because they always capture our imagination.

These items are probably not easy to make, but it kinda makes us want to try. Maybe for the next party…

In other news, Kate and Laura Mulleavy have also co-written and directed a film together (they’ve taken over the fashion world, now it’s time for Hollywood!) called Woodshock, and it’s a thriller starring Kirsten Dunst. It’s coming out later this year, and here’s the eerie trailer:

Intriguing…certainly couldn’t be more different to flowery shawls and crowns! The movie comes out in September, so we’ll be looking out for that.

Thanks for inspiring us with your design chops and movie magic, you two! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a creative team comes along to shake things up. Flower shawls…it’s like wearing a romance novel.