“Fashion Santa” is the Mall Claus of our dreams

Throughout the world, the idea of Santa appears in various forms: in the Netherlands, he’s Sinterklass, an elderly man who flies on white horses and kidnaps naughty children. In Italy, there’s La Befana, a friendly holiday witch who distributes candy. And we all know how our local North American Santa appears: jolly, in red, with a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly. That Santa, however, is being replaced in Toronto’s Yorkdale Fashion Centre by, dare we say it, a downright stylish Santa: Fashion Santa.

Who knew Santa Claus could be so fresh?

Fashion Santa, aka Paul Mason, has been modeling for more than thirty years. Two years ago, the Toronto model grew a beard and adopted the identity of Fashion Santa, turning heads at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. And we totally understand why. Just look at him!

That’s a Santa we wouldn’t mind coming down our chimney.

Mason wears a red jacket, black belt and boots, but says he refuses to wear a hat. He downright laughed when asked. (We noticed his laugh isn’t as jolly and loud as the Santa of our childhood’s, but we’ll just look into Mason’s dreamy eyes and forgive him.)  “No hat, no God, please. I draw the line there,” Mason said. “I am wearing a velvet jacket, its Ferragamo, but I am wearing a velvet jacket.”

Any Gigglers in the Toronto area, we highly recommend you take a visit with Fashion Santa this holiday season! And be sure to take a photo! For every selfie taken with Fashion Santa and posted on social media, the Yorkdale Shopping Centre donates $1 to the SickKids Foundation.

We’re thrilled to see that no matter what form the spirit of Santa adopts, he’s still concerned with spreading a message of giving. It is a nice holiday bonus, however, to have a Santa that gives us ALL the fashion inspo!

(Images via Twitter/Yorkdale Mall)

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