9 fashion lessons we can all learn from Victoria Beckham

There’s no denying that Victoria Beckham knows what she’s doing when she wakes up in the morning and gets dressed. Beckham is elegant, and she makes that elegance seem effortless. She can rock both loose-fitting clothes and garments with a tailored touch; color-block with the best of the best; wear pantsuits that belong at the head of conference room; and Beckham, of course, knows how to accessorize with a statement bag and pedicure-worthy heels.

What sets Beckham apart is the finishing touches she makes to each outfit: it doesn’t stop at the clothes, as she carefully chooses her bag, shoes, and jewelry. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons why you should pay more attention to what Victoria Beckham wears. We’re taking notes.

1Use your bag as a statement.


Did we mention that Victoria knows how to wear a bag? Among her collection of flawless, coveted bags, we’ve spotted Victoria carrying around the tote, crossbody, slouchy hobo, and the oversized structured satchel. Finishing off an outfit with the perfect bag can make or break your look. Whether you reach for a simple satchel, shiny crossbody, or a fun tote featuring a pop of color, you don’t want to be caught without your statement piece.

2Don’t get sloppy with your casual ensembles.


Though you’re not dressed head to toe in glam, that doesn’t mean you should slack off when throwing on a pair of jeans and a shirt. Investing in a good pair of denim and a quality tee is never a poor decision. These are classic items that can easily look thrown-together.

You can take a trip to your local department store for Paige jeans and a soft, durable tee from James Perse. Your shoes, jacket, and accessories are also important, and they can take you from I-just-rolled-out-of-bed to chic-casual in no time. Specifically, you can elevate your jeans and tee ensemble with an edgy biker jacket and sleek shoes — Victoria would surely approve.

3Have clothes in your arsenal that fit flawlessly.


Whether you’re wearing a pantsuit, shift dress, statement coat, or a pair of jeans, fitted clothes should never be something you debate on. Find yourself a good tailor you can help you achieve this. When Victoria is not in her carefully curated loose-fitting clothes, she makes sure that she’s wearing her clothes — not the other way around.

4Take one trend at a time.


If you can help yourself, try not to mix and match trends together. Wearing a fringed metallic skirt may be fun every now and again, but it probably won’t stand the test of time. Do yourself a favor: Try one trend at a time, and figure out what works best for you. Take some notes from Victoria and balance out your wardrobe.

5Add a unique touch to menswear.


Just because you’re wearing a pantsuit, doesn’t mean you can’t accentuate your personality. Throw on some chic flats, a flowy jacket, a statement bag, or a piece of jewelry. Victoria tends to pair a long trench coat with her pantsuit, or sports a long tuxedo jacket to accomplish this aesthetic. Beckham uses these details, however small, to ensure that her essence shines through.

6Never underestimate the power of sunglasses as an accessory.


Victoria is known for her oversized sunnies. They can make a simple outfit look like it’s about to head down a runway. Find your sunglass style and work it into your outfit. If you have a face shape similar to Victoria’s, go for her classic look: the D-Shaped sunglasses.

7A shirt and trousers don’t have to be boring.


Make no mistake: a shirt and trousers are never boring. They provide the perfect opportunity for creativity. You can pair wide-legged trousers with a pop-of-color shirt or vice versa. Don’t let simple pieces keep your sartorial imagination from running wild. Maybe throw on some pink trousers with a white blouse for your next meeting. Or add a pop of color as Victoria does.

8You don’t always have to wear heels.


You don’t always have to finish a professional look with heels. Flats can be chic as well; this is another investment you should consider. Get black flats with a small gold heel on the bottom, chic oxfords, flat leather booties, or some white sneakers. We love how Victoria sports white sneakers, trousers, and a chunky sweater to prove that heels don’t have to be a go-to.

9Keep it simple.


From the wise words of Coco Chanel, “Less is more.” Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have to wear it all at once. If you’re dressed in a loud color, keep it to one. Sometimes wearing one neutral color will do. Just like the trend lesson, you should apply this when choosing colors, prints, and accessories. You want your outfit to be a statement, not a distraction. Sometimes, Victoria will sport one color head to toe, or she’ll change it up and throw on a sleeveless mustard trench coat. Either way, Ms. Beckham is one with the art of simplicity.

What are some fashion lessons you think we all can learn from Victoria Beckham?

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