This fashion blogger created special toilet paper using her haters

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. When life hands you thousands of internet trolls, you make toilet paper. We were inspired to make this phrase a thing when a resourceful fashion blogger designed potty-mouthed toilet paper as a way of dealing with all the people who can’t seem to stop trolling her on social media.

And we’re so into it.

Chiara Nasti is an Italian blogger who has over 1.3 million Instagram followers. Of course, when you have that many people watching your every move, there are bound to be some haters in the crowd. Which is exactly what Nasti has been dealing with since her rise to internet fame.

She was pretty fed up with receiving hateful comments on Instagram and Twitter, so she had toilet paper made with some of the negative messages from trolls printed onto it. She clearly receives tons of hateful comments, because she was able to create an entire roll of toilet paper out of the ugliness.

Nasti wrote, “Pulirsi in modo decente ? #forhaters,” which translates to “clean decently.”

We imagine wiping away the negativity and flushing it down the toilet must feel pretty good.

It’s really unfortunate that anyone would have to deal with haters on the internet. It’s just too easy for people to be awful and mean for absolutely no reason. But that’s what toilet paper is for — to wipe them haters away!

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