This farting kid crashed a live weather broadcast, and it was definitely funnier than most fart jokes

Is there ever such a thing as well-timed flatulence? Up until we saw this farting kid crash a live weather forecast, we probably would’ve turned our noses up at such a stinky suggestion. But this moment was so unexpected and hilarious, it calls for an immediate review of acceptable forms of potty humor.

We’re not sure exactly what compelled this kid to show up at a news station to taunt and toot at an unsuspecting weatherman, but he’s definitely giving that pot sasquatch news crasher some stiff competition in the arena of funny TV moments we didn’t see coming.

According to Thrillist, Mississippi meteorologist Patrick Ellis was having a seemingly ordinary Saturday at work, dutifully informing WBLT viewers about the probability of rain or sunshine, dew points and a bit of dry air moving across the state’s central region.

Then, out of nowhere, this rambunctious little boy basically took over the set and interrupted the forecast to make some air-related points of his own.


Erm, what we mean is, how kind of this precious, enthusiastic (albeit gassy) young boy to warn us about the perilous “farts and toots everywhere”! (Thanks for nothing, weatherman.) Let this serve as a heads up to anyone who was giving consideration to driving through that Mississippi town that famously banned clown costumes last Halloween.

At the caution of this little stinker, proceed toward the anti-clown costume county at your own risk. And if you find yourself being photobombed by this kid, we hope you have a gas mask handy.