There may have been a fart joke in “Game of Thrones,” and you probably missed it

Fart jokes will never not be hilarious. And when they’re thrown in on a serious show like Game of Thrones, well that just makes them even more perfect. Or at least that’s how some GoT fans are feeling about it.

After this week’s GoT episode, a new fan theory has made its way around the internet. Because it involves a fart — something people of the internet apparently do not shy away from.

It happened when Jaime, Cersei, and the zombie Mountain tried taking over the Small Council meeting — a tiny trumpet-sounding squeak. Possibly a fart or possibly just a random sound that was either accidentally left in or added in post. false

But why would a squeaky fart sound be added in post? It wouldn’t, unless it was meant to be there. And that possibly means that someone actually decided to add a fart noise into Game of Thrones.

Of course, Twitter is absolutely convinced that GoT made a fart joke. Some are thrilled about it (because farts), while others seem to be annoyed. Either way, it’s definitely… new.

I guess we won’t know if the fart was meant to happen or not until we see if it’s included it the next episode’s “previously on” segment… false false false false false false false

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