A farm is paying Taylor Swift the weirdest honor

Remember when a fan knit Taylor Swift an amazing sweater? Well this farm in Maryland has done something even bigger. Summers Farm in Fredrick, Maryland has created a twelve acre corn maze in the shape of the “Bad Blood” singer belting it out into a microphone with the words “Dare To Be Different” carved above her face. It’s based on a speech the singer gave during her 1989 tour, commemorated in the most awesome way.

The farm took some arial footage of their creation, with the audio from the speech playing in the background. It’s oddly inspirational.

Summers Farm certainly dared to be different themselves, as I’m pretty sure nobody in the history of the universe has ever done something like this for a pop star. It acts as an homage to the star’s own country roots, as well as spreading awareness of her super important message:

The best part about the maze? You can actually walk through it. There will be “Taylor-made” clues if you need help, as well as a smaller maze for children.

It opens on September 26th and runs through November 1st, a perfect way to kick off the fall season!

(Image via YouTube)


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