Farewell, Flappy Bird: 5 Games to Play Instead

Flappy Bird came, and Flappy Bird went. After crumbling under the pressure of the spotlight, the game’s creator, Dong Nyugen, decided to remove the game from the iTunes store despite its incredible success (and his $50,000 daily ad earnings) in order to return his life to a state of normalcy.

While those who already downloaded the game can continue to play in Flappy Bird bliss forever, gamers who missed out are less than pleased, and Nyugen claims that he’s even received threats as a result of his decision to take it offline. Methinks that’s taking things a step too far – especially when there are several other options to tame your Flappy Bird craving.

1. Ironpants

Ironpants literally is essentially Flappy Bird, just with a dude with a cape and stacks of crates instead of the bird and pipes. And, while it was always widely played, it’s become the #1 app in Flappy Bird’s absence. (Free on iTunes)

2. Jetpack Joyride

Another similar game is Jetpack Joyride, which features a character called Barry as he comandeers experimental jetpacks from evil scientists. You just tap to make him fly higher and try to grab coins and special tokens throughout the game. Eventually, you can use your coins to get new jetpacks, which is way too thrilling for me despite the fact that I’m an adult. (Free on iTunes)

3. Super Ball Juggling

Sure, the graphics may look ancient, but if you liked the simple frustration of Flappy Bird, Super Ball Juggling will be right up your street – especially since it’s by the same creator! You repeatedly tap your screen to keep your ball in the air and not let it hit the ground. It sounds simple… but is it? It sorta is. (Free on iTunes)

4. Bee Leader

Get your bee over, under and around obstacles without crashing, much like Flappy Bird, and you could be victorious. In fact, the two games are strikingly similar, only bees are absolutely adorable (and can sting you, so watch out!). (Free on iTunes)

5. Flappy Doge

It’s Flappy Birds, but with Doge, everyone’s favourite Shiba Inu! Could it get any better? Well, how about this: you don’t even need to download an app, you can play it right here in your browser! AMAZING!