From “Harry Potter” to “The NeverEnding Story,” here are 20 fantasy-themed engagement rings

For decades, the internet has brought fans together creating ultimate fandoms. While many of them have grown from adapted books such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Lord of The Rings, cult movies and TV shows can also spawn large fandoms such as Doctor Who, Buffy, and Game of Thrones.

For those of us who are in deep when it comes to our favorite TV shows, it’s not too out of the ordinary (at least not to us) to want to have a fandom-themed wedding! And if you’re into the idea of a destination wedding, it can basically take place anywhere from Mordor to Endor, depending on the theme!

From superheroes to mythical beasts, the fantasy and reality mesh when true fans saturate their lives with their fandom. Why should a fan’s wedding be any different? Luckily, it doesn’t have to start with the actual celebration — fantasy-themed engagement rings are available for so many different franchises.

Fandom themes can lead to the ultimate fantasy wedding!

Here are 20 fantasy-themed engagement rings, whether your life is filled with hobbits, Hogwarts, dragons or Doctors! (And yes, it includes the ring to rule them all!)

1HP Deathly Hallows White Gold Ring Set, $450

2Rustic Elvish Vine Ring, $225

3LOTR Silver Band Ring, $129

4TARDIS Engagement Band, $125

5Golden Snitch Ring, $165


6Buffy/Angel Claddagh Ring, $139

7GOT Kingslayer Ring, $57

8Silver Mockingjay Ring, $56

9LOTR Arwen Evenstar Ring, $149.95

10Lightsaber Inspired Emerald and Diamond Ring, $499

11Auryn Neverending Story Ring, $59


12Doctor Who 3 Piece Sapphire Wedding Set, $80

13Green Amethyst Mermaid Ring, $82

14Princess Bride Castle Themed Ring, $218.45

15Frog Prince Engagement Ring, $135

16Black Dragon Engagement Ring, $111.96

17Star Wars Empire Ring Set, $495

18“Always” Engraved Engagement Ring, $150

19House Stark Direwolf Ring, $222.52

20HP Sterling Silver Golden Snitch, $98.63


Whether your wedding will be in a galaxy far, far away or just down in Westeros, a fantasy-themed engagement ring is the perfect way to remember it, “Always!”