More details on ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ courtesy of JK Rowling herself

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the Harry Potter half spin-off/half-prequel is coming to our movie screens next year. We’ve got loads of questions about it, lots of them about the fact that this is the first story to show us American Wizards. So far, everything has been set in England. But roaming among us Muggles here in the U. S. of A., JK Rowling  has hinted that there are Wizards, and we’re like YES!! So now the big questions like, where are they, where’s the American Hogwarts, and can we enroll?

These are things that will all be answered in Fantastic Beasts, but seeing as how we’ve still got 15 months to kill before its release, Rowling has been answering questions here and there on Twitter. One that’s come up lately has been all about how Wizards are governed here state side.

First thing we learned: there’s a Wizarding congress. Or, the Magical Congress of the United States of America, shortened to MACUSA. The MACUSA is a one-party governing system, while Muggle congress has two parties (democrats and republicans). Still need to know where they meet, and if their sessions are open to the public.

Another thing. Seeing as how wizards are worldwide, is there a thing like a Wizard United Nations? Newt Scamander is going to find himself in NYC as it is — and that’s where the United Nations is located. Could he stumble upon the wizard UN? Rowling cleared that up, too, explaining that a Wizard UN does in fact exist, but no word on whether or not we’ll ever see it first hand.

And on one last completely unrelated note (but still related to everything HP): stop holding your breath for a Harry Potter TV show. It’ll only happen in our sweet dreams.

All this only proves that no matter how small or silly the question, Rowling will take a swing at answering it. So ASK AWAY.

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