A “Fantastic Beasts” deleted scene features a completely new magical monster, and we need to know more STAT

Thanks to MTV International, we’ve got our hands on a Fantastic Beasts deleted scene. And, it’s pretty amazing. The production company released the exclusive clip Friday, revealing a new beast to the world. Prepare to completely lose your mind, because the Runespoor is unbelievably badass.

The large, three-headed snake appears in the clip as Newt Scamander gives Jacob Kowalski a tour of the magical zoo within his brief case. The massive creature lurks in the shadows before playfully taking a snap at Kowalski’s head.

The deleted scene didn’t add much to the plot, but it was still cool to watch.


“I’m not a big fan of snakes,” Kowalski says. “But this is fascinating.”

And indeed, it is!

Details on the Runespoor have yet to be released. And to be honest, we’re not exactly sure that the magical creature will make it in part two.

It makes you wonder how many other scenes, or creatures, were cut from the film — doesn’t it?

Just like the Runespoor, we don’t know much about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2, besides its 2018 release date. We’ll just have to wait for more exclusive clips from part one to obsess over until then. Maybe they’ll hint at what’s to come!