This is why fans think Kim Kardashian is having twins

There’s been a lot of speculation about Kardashian-Jenner babies as of late, and unsurprisingly, various rumors are currently circulating around the internet. The latest of which being that Kim Kardashian is expecting twins.

Why, you ask?

Allow us to explain. It all started when Kim asked her followers for advice on the best brand of double stroller. Then, to put it mildly, Twitter exploded with speculation

And the responses…


However, Kim has cleared up the confusion.

People seemed to have forgotten that Kim already has two small children. They’re only one and four, so they could sit in a stroller together (or, Saint could sit in a stroller with the new, single baby).

Of course, we don’t know for certain that Kim is not having twins.

Her second tweet could be leading us astray! But it’s best to let her share the details of her surrogate pregnancy when she feels comfortable. Having children is a very personal decision, after all.

Whether it’s twins or not, we can’t wait for her and Kanye to be a parents for the third time around!

We’re sure that Saint and North will enjoy being the big siblings who get to boss around the little one (or ones…we’re still going to be on the lookout for twin clues, of course). Wishing Kim all the very best as her surrogacy moves forward. What an exciting time!