Fans are mad “SNL” didn’t put Taylor Swift in this one specific sketch

Perhaps “New Taylor” doesn’t do the whole comedy skit thing. Fans voiced their disappointment over the weekend when Taylor Swift didn’t appear in any Saturday Night Livesketches during the most recent November 11th episode. Specifically, fans couldn’t believe Swift didn’t step foot into SNL’s cat sketch when she’s absolutely obsessed with all things feline. Is New Taylor over cats too? Say it ain’t so!

In Tay’s defense, she appeared on SNL to promote her new album Reputation as the musical guest. Although SNL musical guests do often appear in a sketch or two, this wasn’t Swift’s main reason for being there. So we can’t be too up in arms.

And everyone was more than pleased with Swift’s performances of “…Ready For It” and “Call It What You Want.” The first number showed her edgy side with tight choreography and mean bass. Swift then returned to her acoustic roots for “Call It What You Want.” And of course, she crushed both sets.

But many felt “SNL” missed a key opportunity to include Swift in their most recent “Whiskers R We” sketch:

And as they do, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts:

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One fan even even suggested that SNL could have used Swift’s cat Meredith in the sketch so that some part of Swift was accounted for. We have to admit, that would have been genius. false

Swift’s album dropped on November 10th, the day before SNL aired. Our guess is that she was crazy busy in the days leading up to the show, so it would be in no way surprising if she simply didn’t have time to make it into a sketch or two.

Cat sketch or no, we’re just grateful to be receiving so much Taylor goodness at the moment. We’ve been waiting three whole years for this, and we’ll take what we can get.

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